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Selected Bibliography of Articles by Jalees Rehman


Aeon Magazine:

Where’s the male Pill?

Many promising male contraceptives are in development, but none have come to market. What’s taking so long?

The power of fat

Human fat cells can be used to regenerate damaged hearts and ageing joints.

The Guardian:

The need for critical science journalism

Critical science journalism critically evaluates the quality and impact of scientific research and is an important counterpart to “infotainment” science writing.

Articles for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting:

The Courage to Venture Beyond: Of Polymaths and Multidisciplinarians

A Beautiful Quest: The Search for a Unified Theory

Physician-Scientists: An Endangered Species?

Illuminated Storytelling: Ancient Campfires and the Evolution of Storytelling

The Stress of Aging: The enzyme telomerase limits the aging of cells but it also promotes cancer


Cancer Research in Crisis

It appears that many published studies in cancer research cannot be replicated by other scientists. 

The Scientist:

Building Flesh and Blood

Understanding how networks of blood vessels form is key to engineering transplantable organs and tissues.

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Rehman Lab at the University of Illinois (Chicago)

We study stem cells and regeneration, mitochondria and metabolism, inflammation  and the biology of blood vessels  (contact email for academic research related questions: jalees[at]uic[dot]edu)

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