About me

My name is Jalees Rehman and I am currently a Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I originally trained as a chronobiologist, investigating the circadian rhythms of bioluminescent algae at the University of Munich. After completing medical school in Munich, I moved from Germany to the United States. My research career meandered quite a bit, and involved cell adhesion molecules of leukocytes, the growth of blood vessels, heart attacks caused by cocaine, mitochondria in cancer cells, pulmonary hypertension, stem cells and the metabolism of cells during inflammation. I found nearly every aspect of biology quite exciting, and this is perhaps why I have also begun writing about science for a non-specialist audience. My laboratory currently studies the biology of stem cells, the role of metabolism in regulating cell differentiation, regeneration and inflammation as well as the injury of the lung during severe infections. My personal blog is entitled Fragments of Truth. I can be contacted at jalees.rehman[at]gmail.com.